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Montagne Leaders n°254

Friday 8 April 2016

Montagne Leaders n°254

Winter sports Empire

Winter sports Empire


Tuesday 17 February 2015

Investments Survey 2014

A study carried out in 2013-2014 by Savoie Mont Blanc Tourisme, which was presented at the "Rencontres de Grand Ski" meeting in January, shows that the ski area is by far the most important factor in custormers' choice of resort.

A study carried out in 2013-2014 by Savoie Mont Blanc Tourisme, which was presented at the "R


Monday 6 October 2014

2013/2014 Top 100, French ski areas are resisting the pressure

Resisting means not giving in, it means holding on. Resisting means not succumbing to the effects of actions to which we are subjected.

Resisting means not giving in, it means holding on.


Tuesday 13 May 2014

At the core of Mountain Planet

Before a large review of Mountain Planet in the next issue of Montagne Leaders, some pictures of the event which gave rhythm to the Capital of Alps from 23th to 25th of April!

Before a large review of Mountain Planet in the next issue of Montagne Leaders, some pictures of


Monday 24 March 2014

Investments 2013 - The trend continues

The 2012/2013 season benefited from early snows as well as regular snowfall during the entire season at all the pistes in France.

The 2012/2013 season benefited from early snows as well as regular snowfall during the entire sea

Montagne Leaders n° 265

Magazine Montagne Leaders 265  Janvier février 2018 Spécial enquête investissements en stations de ski


Snow falling when the time is right, it’s gold falling, and its price is right.
Unfortunately, this rural proverb, born like many others from empirical observation and common sense, forgets the notion of quantity… Winter sports economy have been begging for it the last three winters, in vain. Finally, this season will be remembered for its abundance. The white gold fell early and in quantity.
Then we talked about Eleanor… Charismatic, unpredictable, oscillating between extremes – from enthusiasm to melancholy. Had the British meteorologists studied the etymology and the character associated to this name before they gave it to the storm that hit Europe? The point is, those adjectives apply to snow as well. Sometimes symbol of winter that make dream young and grown-ups, or creator of road chaos, snow calls everybody’s attention!
Snowfalls in 2017-2018 will at last feed the debates around the relevance of some resorts in winter sports economy.
Many operators didn’t wait for the beginning of the season to choose limiting the climate contingency and focusing on the perspective of a fourth “white” season. With the support of stimulating public policies, artificial snow is this year the leading spot of our Investments survey. Top record: French resorts spent more than 77 million of euros to that area in 2017!
To face meteorology unexpected freaks, the communication about that white gold must be mastered, through the medias or social networks. This is the meaning of the campaign “The invasion starts with you” initiated by DSF, ANMSM and SNMSF. With adapted communication tools, all the professionals and resorts representatives can become ambassadors of Skizzz, which starts 2018 with an essential topic: the snow!
Montagne Leaders’ team

Survey on Investments 2017

Survey on Investments 2017

To invest means going beyond the present. To invest means believing in the future. That's how we, mountain people, are: we don't give up, we just roll up our sleeves. Faithful to our nature and values, we show once more our capacity for adaptation. While facing several difficult seasons, we kept investing because we belong in our product. And we adapted our investments to the changes in process.
I am pleased with the resistance and the progress of investments these last few years, despite an unfriendly context. It is also the effect of the measures taken by the government (CICE and Macron's additional amortization) and the local authorities (particularly thanks to the alpine regions). Tourism deserves these attentions because it contributes to foreign trade balance and creates jobs that are not "delocalizable".
If artificial snow is more important in terms of investment priorities, it is not only because it secures jobs and activities of all types in the resort, but also because we have to catch up in this area since our equipment rate is quite lower than our neighbours' and competitors' (35% in France vs 49% in Switzerland, 60% in Andorra, 70% in Austria). Since our capacity of investment has limits, we can regret that such effort is made to the cost of other areas, such as ski lifts. Yet, they still are about half of our investments. With our partners Montagne Leaders and Atout France we also wanted to bring this year a new category of immaterial investments because our resorts are turning the digital corner. I regret to see that the General Accounting Office judged severely the Northern Alps resorts in its last report. Although, it mentions the leisure activities real estate and our vulnerability regarding the snow cover contingency. It even talks about a new model of development but doesn’t seem to understand why our resorts are attractive, nor the specificities of ski areas utilization, considering they belong to a “public domain system”. It is surprising to see them advocating their reconversion while emphasizing the financial unbalance of diversification activities or presenting the managers in a situation both positive and vulnerable. When I consider our activities and our contribution to the functioning of resort services, I think it is not surprising that half our expenses in ski resorts are sustainable development ones, as we showed when we applied the BIOM grade to our companies.
To conclude, I will remind that our investing capacity depends also – and this must be said more often – of our incomes. That’s why it is important to renew our customer base, and to consider the school calendar that will be extended in 2018 and modified in 2019, as well as the leisure time real estate.
Pierre Lestas,
President of Domaines Skiables de France

POMA: An exceptional inauguration

POMA: An exceptional inauguration

On January 19th, Poma officially inaugurated its new Savoyard site, an event marked with the presence of a ministry delegation led by Edouard Philippe, who came to present the tourism inter-ministerial committee's conclusions.

Interview: Jean-Marc Silva, France Montagnes Director

Interview: Jean-Marc Silva, France Montagnes Director

Jean-Marc Silva received us in his office in Francin, in the middle of Savoie and the business park Alpespace. It was an opportunity to catch up on France Montagnes news, to plan the future and to talk about mountain. As a matter of fact, France Montagnes’ Director knows all the prisms and facets of it: the organization, since he collaborated directly in Poma; the exploitation, since he managed the 7 Laux resort; the promotion, since he directed the Office of tourism of Les Parcs where he created the Reservation Central in 1993. Then, ten years later, he joined the creation project of Arc 1959 village managed by Intrawest. After being tour operator for a shipping company and travel agent in Saint-Malo, Jean-Marc Silva went through the industrial world and acquired a solid experience and a complete vision of the mountain world problems and challenges. He still lives in Les Arcs, where he built part of his career. Why? Because while “living with the feet on the slopes”, he feels he can transmit the voice of French mountain. But if he lives in the mountain, the mountain also lives inside him…
Interview of Jean-Marc Silva, France Montagnes Director

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