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Montagne Leaders n°254

Montagne Leaders n°254

Winter sports Empire


Investments Survey 2014

A study carried out in 2013-2014 by Savoie Mont Blanc Tourisme, which was presented at the "Rencontres de Grand Ski" meeting in January, shows that the ski area is by far the most important factor in custormers' choice of resort.


2013/2014 Top 100, French ski areas are resisting the pressure

Resisting means not giving in, it means holding on. Resisting means not succumbing to the effects of actions to which we are subjected. In the mountains, the definition of the verb "to resist" can and does take on another aspect, another meaning: resisting means creating, demonstrating imagination and innovation.


At the core of Mountain Planet

Before a large review of Mountain Planet in the next issue of Montagne Leaders, some pictures of the event which gave rhythm to the Capital of Alps from 23th to 25th of April!


Investments 2013 - The trend continues

The 2012/2013 season benefited from early snows as well as regular snowfall during the entire season at all the pistes in France. In certain cases, the amount of snow was truly exceptional (the central Pyrenees, Isola 2000, etc.), weather conditions are expected to be satisfactory overall, especially during the February holidays. The result: high numbers of tourists and rising revenues (+4.4% and +7.8%) respectively, while France continues to be the top global ski destination.


The Snow Plan (Le plan Neige)

A plan that was implemented “almost” without a hitch


Snow grooming

History belongs to those who write it


Top 100, choices which have paid off

From number 112 of Aménagement & Montagne in 1993 to number 239 of Montagne Leaders, twenty years of Top 100 surveys. Support has remained the same, but the survey - and its economics - have become more professional.


Domaines Skiables de France congress

Once again the Domaines Skiables de France congress (French Ski Areas) held in Strasbourg on 6 and 7 Novembere was a complete success. 


Photo Competiton

Get your cameras out! Montagne Leaders has opened an international photo competition for the next Mountain Planet – SAM. The theme? Mountain redevelopments of course! No mountain scenery or views without development.