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Photo Competiton

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Get your cameras out! Montagne Leaders has opened an international photo competition for the next Mountain Planet – SAM. The theme? Mountain redevelopments of course! No mountain scenery or views without development.

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Get your cameras out!

Landscaping, buildings, pistes, lifts, snow machines - mountain redevelopment can take different forms. And it is this diversity that we want to highlight through your photos. We don't mind whether they show winter or summer, in colour or black-and-white, straight or touched-up, the most important thing is that they should represent an aspect of mountain redevelopment, past or present.

Give free rein to your imagination

The competition is open from now until the next Mountain Planet – SAM. Give free rein to your imagination, work is still going on, winter is about to start, get shooting, select your photos and post them.
After that the principle is simple, you just vote and encourage your friends to do the same - then wait for the results.
You all have photos of mountain redevelopments, so get them out of your drawers, hard disks and other devices and post them on the competition site. Be creative and imaginative because there are lots of prizes for your efforts and your snaps.
The competition is open to all kinds of photographers, professional or amateur, French or foreign, because what we want to highlight through this competition is an overall image of Mountain redevelopments, in France or anywhere else, so as to have a global panorama of mountains and winter sports resorts.
Don't forget, your photos must be in  .jpg, .tif or .raw format, with minimum resolution 3,500 x 2,500 pixels and minimum weight 5 Mb.
So the principle is simple : snap – vote – win… We are counting on you, so get your cameras out and come to the next Mountain Planet – SAM for the results!

How to enter:

To make life easier, we have opened a Facebook page for the competition:
Just click on "Like" and then post a maximum of three photos per person or organisation. It's as simple as that. For your photo to be eligible, you must use the right format and state the place, the country and the name of the photographer who took the photo. If you don't have a Facebook account yet, send your photos to
The competition rules are available on our website and on the competition page in Facebook.

Download the rules of the Photo Competition “Mountain Development”


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