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Ski-lifts on the silver screen!

Wednesday 18 September 2013

In this file Montagne Leaders offers you a (by no means exhaustive) run-down of ski-lifts which have appeared in films. Cable-cars, gondolas, chair-lifts and drag-lifts. The public might miss some of their appearances on the wide screen, but they cannot evade the sharp eyes of you mountain professionals, so "Action!"

The Roosevelt Island Tramway on screen

Cinéma et télécabineThe Roosevelt Island Tramway has appeared in several films - as the target of a terrorist attack, or a site where hostages were taken. Let us zoom in on some of the mythical scenes shot on this equally mythical site.
«“Nighthawks", 1981 with Sylvester Stallone, "Léon", 1994 with Jean Reno and Natalie Portman, or even "SpiderMan", 2002 and "Dark Water", 2005, to name but a few, have given pride of place to the famous cable-car in one or more scenes. affiches cinéma montagne
The Roosevelt Island Tramway links Manhattan to Roosevelt Island. It was originally built by the Swiss company Von Roll in 1976. Originally it was a temporary transport solution, but the aerial tramway continued to function after the opening of subway line F to serve the island in 1989. It has been successful ever since it came into service. It must be said that, apart from providing efficient transport, the view over the city from the cabin makes it one of the most enjoyable ways of travelling! And when the island was finally connected by subway line F in October 1989, it was decided to keep the cable-car running.
Carrying 2 million passengers a year, the temporary solution had become a highly-valued means of transport - quick, original, and an attraction in itself, popularised in countless photographs; in short, the perfect emblem of Roosevelt Island. In 2010, this emblem was completely renewed by the French company, Poma. It now consists of two parallel, wide mono-rail cabins, of the Vanoise Express type.

However it is the old version that has been under the lights in films.

However it is the old version that has been under the lights in films. In 1981, the cable-car was chosen for the filming of "Nighthawks". It was on this cabin that Stallone carried out what he considers to have been the most dangerous stunt of his career. Hanging over the void by a cable, he was hauled up to the cabin. "Nothing was tested and I was told to take a Gerber pocket knife in my left hand, because if the cable had snapped, and I had survived the 70 metre fall into the East River - which would have carried me away on the icy current at 12 km/h - I could cut off my harness. It was so stupid to believe that I could have survived such a fall. So I thought the cleverest thing to do would be to commit hara-kiri on the way down..." In the end, everything went alright.
In 1994, the young Natalie Portman, alias Mathilda in the film appears for the first time on the big screen - She uses the cable-car for a scene in the film. She is alone in the cabin, flying across the East River.
In 2002, Spiderman has to choose between saving Mary Jane or the occupants of the cabin.
Finally, in 2005, the cable-car appears in "Dark Water". In the opening titles, after a shot looking downwards from the cabin, the title "Dark water" appears on the waters of the East River; in the cabin, a passenger says coldly that Roosevelt Island is not part of the rest of the city…


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